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Our Team

smooth and tan staff


Experienced & Nurturing

Renee is a beauty industry veteran of over 16 years and joined S&T in 2013. She has been trained by Caronlab Australia as a master trainer. Renee is a Skincare Expert that loves result based peels and LED treatments, and she is extremely skilled in waxing and IPL.


Highly Trained & Talented Injectables Nurse

Chloe is our talented, highly trained injectables nurse. She has a couple of years’ experience in a busy skin clinic up her sleeve and her technique is incredible. She loves doing lip and cheek fillers and you won’t even feel the sting of her tox injections – she is that gentle!


Skilled & Cheerful

Jade has worked in the beauty industry for over 7 years. She is our most experienced skincare expert! She loves results-based treatments like waxing, IPL and facial peels, but she’s also excellent at tanning and relaxation treatments. Jade is very hard working and passionate about learning.


Knowledgeable & Head Trainer

With her vast experience and understanding of beauty therapy treatments, Kristie provides a tranquil and invigorating experience to her clientele. She is very positive and bubbly and loves natural nail care and waxing.


Talented & Bubbly

Shari has a great passion for beauty and is very talented in all areas. Her bright and bubbly personality makes for a very enjoyable treatment. Shari loves doing lash lifts and brow makeovers, but is also very good at total body waxing.


Enthusiastic & Hard Working

Charli is our talented and hardworking trainee that is really enthusiastic about the beauty industry. She always strives for perfection and has already truly mastered the art of manicures and pedicures! Charli is able to take control, but is softly spoken and her treatments are a real delight.



Heidi is the latest trainee to join the S&T team. Her incredible passion for the beauty industry, paired with a positive attitude and eagerness to learn makes her a true asset to the salon! Heidi maybe our youngest member, but she is confident, mature & extremely professional.


Calm & Precise

Caitlyn is the newest team of Smooth & Tan. She has just completed her studies with awards – 2020 Outstanding Student Award. Caitlyn has a nurturing & gentle nature and shows great attention to detail in all her work. She has a passion for waxing & can’t wait to meet all our wonderful clients.



Skilled & Gentle

Sarah is the newest edition to Smooth and Tan. She is a qualified therapist who has been in the beauty industry for 15 years. Her passion is waxing and spray tans. She loves to pamper; perfection is second nature & she takes pride in all she does. Sarah is a combination of all our old favourite therapists!


Doctor Michael Loughnan has been a General Practitioner since 1986. Early on in his career, a feature on skin lasering in a medical publication piqued his interest and he invested in his first laser machine. A couple of decades later, Doctor Michael has specialised in treating vascular lesions, including broken capillaries, with his new laser machine. He is practising from Smooth & Tan every Thursday afternoon.

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