White Gift Pack Body


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The Ocean Road Gift Packs deliver a holistic regime for both the hands and the body. Whether you are wanting to spoil a loved one, or simply indulge in a new level of luxury, these gift packs will provide the perfect solution.

Just like the feeling of the softest sand under your bare feet, or watching waves lapping among the shore, this skin care gift pack will take you to a place of utmost serenity. With whimsical fragrances and luxurious ingredients gifted by nature, this selection of body care products will bring a new level of indulgence to your home.

Treat yourself to a full body experience when using each product in tandem, and unveil skin that is truly clean, conditioned, and nourished with essential antioxidants. As you slowly make your way through the range of our skin care gift pack, feel your day fade away and relish in your few moments of pure heaven.

Body Wash: This gentle body wash uses White Tea Extract to stimulate the skin and help fight oxidative stress that makes skin look dull and lifeless. Indulge and invigorate your senses while you wash your day away with this luscious, nourishing formula.

Body Scrub: This exfoliating body scrub uses a natural scrub and age-defying Red Seaweed to help smooth any unevenness in the skin. Add a sense of luxury to your skincare routine while you buff away the day and have your skin feeling smooth and radiant.

Body Lotion: This light, nourishing body lotion uses Australian Superfruits to help rejuvenate aging skin as it provides a deep, long-lasting hydration. Indulge in this deeply nourishing lotion and leave your skin with a smooth, healthy luminous glow.