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Cosmetic Tattooing

Truly enjoyed the treatment I received from Shari-Rose. Worked efficiently. Did a great job. Was informative and helpful. Uplifting personality

Cath Moore

I had a fabulous remedial massage done by Andrea. My back has not felt this good in a long time. Would definitely recommend her. Fantastic.

Ben Spiller

The service I received was second to none. I felt looked after completely and satisfied with my Moroccan tan! Thank you

Lou Buxton

Cosmetic Tattooing, also called ‘Micropigmentation’ or ‘Microblading’, is a popular cosmetic treatment that leaves a lasting pigmentation of the skin. Cosmetic tattooing is a form of semi-permanent makeup that implants pigment under the skin with a manual, handheld tool instead of a machine. It doesn’t penetrate the skin as deep as a regular tattoo does, making it possible to create feather-like strokes that look very natural.

Cosmetic Tattooing Price List

Cosmetic tattooing will fade over time and usually lasts between 2–2.5 years if touched up every 6–8 months. At Smooth & Tan, we use Cruelty-Free/Vegan pigments.

First session


Touch up after 4–6 weeks


Touch up after more than 6 weeks


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